Education Sabbatical Grant

The Education Sabbatical Grant Application is now closed for 2017.

The CSHP Foundation is pleased to announce that, for the first time, it is offering to CSHP members dedicated funding to support an Education Sabbatical Grant.

CSHP Foundation Grant Applicant Eligibility Criteria

Education Sabbatical Grant Submission Required Elements

For the Applicant:

  1. A written proposal (no more than 2 pages) which includes:
    • Reasons for wanting to complete a sabbatical.
    • Description of the specific skills that will be acquired during the proposed sabbatical.
    • How the new skills will enhance the applicant's future performance as a pharmacy
    • practitioner (educator, clinician or researcher).
    • How the skills will be applied to the applicant's practice.

  2. A written report (no more than 2 pages) to include:
    • Description of the clinical practice at the mentoring facility.
    • A detailed timeline for the proposed visit.
    • A detailed budget with description of costs.
      • Funding can be used for travel, lodging, tuition.
      • Funding cannot be used to supplement any existing salaries or compensate the grantee's group for time lost in practice.

  3. Applicant's curriculum vitae.
  4. A letter of support from the applicant's employer, if applicable.

For the Mentor:

  1. A letter of support (no more than 2 pages) including an assessment of the applicant's ability to complete his or her proposed program.
  2. Mentor's curriculum vitae.

NOTE: The following activities are not eligible for an education sabbatical grant: conference attendance and related travel; residency and fellowship programs; accredited academic degree programs; and research projects.

All submissions are to be sent electronically to Janet Lett, CSHP National Office, at